Volunteers Needed

We have numerous paid volunteer opportunities and incentives to take advantage of at the July 4th Tempe Town Lake Festival, produced by the Kiwanis Club of Tempe.  Volunteers will receive a festival t-shirt and (2) tickets to the event for family or friends.  

Volunteer hours will be recorded and donations will be made to the non-profit organization of your choice for the hours worked.  Volunteer hours will be paid based on the following:  18 years old and up will receive $10/hour, and mature 13-17 years old will receive $5/hour.  

Please note that money will NOT be paid to an individual.  All checks will be made out to the non-profit organization.  


  • Floaters - Relieve other volunteers for breaks in various areas of the event.  Do miscellaneous tasks that have not been delegated and check with volunteer captains as needed. 
  • Ticket Takers - Taking tickets and greeting guests into the park.  Guests will not be allowed to re-enter once they depart.  
  • Bag Taggers - Tag bags of guests after having been checked by security company.
  • Ticket Sellers - Selling tickets to get into the event.
  • Water Booth - Sell water to guests and provide information about the event.  A notebook with information will be provided.  We are selling water to the public.  Kiwanis will only pay for opened water cases.  Please leave un-used cases un-opened.  Water booths will remain open until 10 PM.  (Main/front gate booth until 11 PM if needed).  
  • Ice Delivery - Distribute ice products to vendors and booths throughout the event per designated areas. (AM shifts available).  
  • Sponsor Garden/Pavilion - Take tickets and put wristbands on guests.  Once they have a wristband, they are allowed in and out of the VIP area at any time.  Their wristband color will match the pavilion/garden ticket they present.  Help keep guests comfortable and area clean.  
  • Shuttle Driver - Transport guests to and from parking lots.  Must be 21 or older to drive.  
  • Kids ID Booth - Attach wristbands to children with their name and their parent's cell phone number in case the child gets lost.  Provide information about the event.  Hand out ID kits.
  • Gate Distributors - This position involves passing out sponsor novelties to patrons and welcoming them into the event.  

*Job descriptions are subject to change and additional jobs may be added. 

For more information or to see what positions are still available for your organization, please contact Shelby Dalzotto at: shelby@shilandcreative.com


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